Freedom – What does it define?


Recently the St. George city officials stated that they were thankful for freedom. Freedom has the greatest potential for the advancement of the human race. Freedom is having choices.

I classify the three great freedoms as Life, Liberty and Property. But are we as free as the politicians tell us we are? Would our founders recognize our generation as fulfilling their dream of a free society?

Life: Our children are sent to “free” government indoctrination centers at huge expense. Our health care options are limited by the most corrupt bureaucracies yet, the Food and Drug Administration (which enjoys an unholy alliance with the pharmaceutical companies, and the medical and insurance organizations). Why are we sicker and more addicted to prescription (legal) drugs now with all of the billions of dollars of research and development? What financial incentive is there to cure the various diseases and maladies? Why are alternative treatments so viciously subdued? Who pays for all of these intrusions into the free market? “We the People”.

Liberty: The freedom to act without coercion. It is the right to choose those activities which we deem the most desirable. Every time the government creates a new statute, it limits choices. Proper laws should be based upon the golden rule. If someone is harmed it is either by accident or a crime has been committed. Those laws which control personal behavior in an attempt to make everyone conform to some government desirable mold are tyrannical. It is immoral to force “We the People” to forge our own shackles.

Property: James Madison said, “As a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights.” In opposition to the voice of the people, (see state land use referendum 1974) our local governments have taken control of our private property. Zoning boards are historically corrupt bureaucracies which reward the politically connected and wealthy, while excluding all others. Now they are removing private vehicles from private property, they are assessing fines; they are setting government standards for our private residences. They are limiting choice. They are demanding that once again “We the People” pay for our own imprisonment.

I am grateful for freedom, but only as an unfulfilled dream, which holds the greatest human potential. Freedom’s antithesis is government. Let us resist government intrusion into our lives. We must act now, while it is easy. The longer we wait the further we travel from our founder’s dream of a free society.

Margaret William