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Margaret believes education should be a lifelong learning process, and that starts by making higher education more affordable and accessible.

Our community and technical colleges are valuable assets to our education system, and we must find ways to eliminate barriers that prevent Minnesotans from accessing two-year degree programs.     

Under Margaret’s leadership, the legislature has taken dramatic steps to stem double-digit tuition increases at higher education institutes statewide.  But she knows this work must not end.  An Anderson Kelliher Administration will work with our community and technical colleges to identify ways to become more efficient without sacrificing the quality of education, and provide administrators the tools and support to become successful.  

Margaret will make two and four-year colleges and universities more accessible for dedicated, hardworking students.  In the legislature, she worked to help make college more affordable for Minnesota students by creating a new Middle Income Scholarship at the University of Minnesota, and as governor will look for ways to expand these opportunities as funds become available.  She also supported innovative programs, like the Power of You pilot program and Teachers of Diverse Backgrounds to help students of diverse backgrounds attend college, and will continue to do so as governor.

Our colleges and universities are economic incubators and are on the cutting-edge of innovative research that has the potential to bring thousands of jobs to Minnesota through commercialization of products and services.   As governor, I will seek new ways to boost technology transfer opportunities. 

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